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"The Pilot"

Every TV show basically ever begins with a "Pilot" episode. Side note: can someone explain to me why it's even called a pilot? Thanks. Anyways, usually the pilot episode usually involves

-crazy drama going down, and a girl's weave in danger of being ripped out

- a young teenage girl goes missing, and ends up dead, with the killer unfound until eons later (here's looking at you PLL)

- some sick VFX that someone spent hours and hours trying to perfect the perfect explosion

It's similar to of the first day of school. Everyone's dressed in their favorite outfit their mom bought them equipped with a choker and a forever 21 jean jacket that screams ANGST, their eyelash extensions looking on POINT, and the hallways reeking of Aussie hairspray to hold in the luscious Victoria's Secret curls you looked up a tutorial video how to do the night before.

The point i'm trying to make here is there's always a beginning to things. Everyone tries to nail the "first appearance" thing, and set the standards of what's to come. The sad thing is, is usually every TV show usually ends up taking a huge nose dive mid season (except Stranger Things, it's practically perfect in every way), girls replace their curled hair and new outfit with a top bun and sweats, and the standard set at beginning becomes forgotten.

So count this post as my pilot, first day of school, first blind date, job interview, etc. This is the most important blog post you will ever read.

Just kidding.

Let's be real here, I'm a normal person, I have a normal Monday-Friday job. I'm a college student, and on the side paint and do some graphic design. Here in Utah, I am surrounded by countless bloggers who seem to have the coolest lives. I will be honest in saying I live a pretty basic life. Now, on the other hand, life is meant to be enjoyed right? I have come to realize that our outlook on life is ESSENTIAL. Maybe I can't take weeks off of work to go travel the world, or take the coolest pictures sitting on an elephant in Thailand every weekend. However, I can decide to enjoy life where I am. Yes, I am absolutely a giant travel junkie, but if any of you are like me, we can't do that! I have started blogging partially because of my Mom's pleas, and partially to share my feelings about life and finding the joy in the small things.

Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm so happy to have you in this little corner of the internet. I love sharing blurbs about life, decor, and my art. Hope you enjoy!

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