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Life update 12/26

Happy holidays to each and every one of you sitting here reading this little corner of the internet. This holiday season has been the busiest I've ever had, and I'm SO pumped about it. However, it's nice to have a moment to sit down and type out some thoughts .

And here I am realizing, I haven't really done a life update in several months, so I guess now is the time. Better late than never right?

For starters, Kaden finished up his internships at Lionsgate and Endgame Entertainment, and has accepted another internship working for Legendary Studios starting in January. Till then, he gets to be a wonderful stay at home wife, doing freelance video editing, and working on some scripts.

I started a job working at Keslow Camera a couple of months ago as a Front Desk Coordinator. I meet a lot of cool people, and have learned a bunch about how the camera/production side of the business works. Our camera rental house is the largest in the US, so we have a lot of productions (movies, TV shows, commercials, music videos) that come in and "prep" gear. It's fun to watch stuff and recognize names in the credits of people I've met.

We are still loving LA, and finding all of our favorite places, and things to do. Some fun stuff we've done recently:

- Went to a screening of a Disney movie that won't come out for another 2.5 years

- Attended the premiere of Mowgli, and sat feet away from Andy Serkis and Christian Bale

- Attended the Keslow Christmas party at the Hollywood Roosevelt (we ate where the first Academy Awards were held!)

- Went home to Colorado for my brother Sam's homecoming and went to the Chirstkindlemarket in downtown Denver

Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm so happy to have you in this little corner of the internet. I love sharing blurbs about life, decor, and my art. Hope you enjoy!

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