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Several years ago, I was serving an LDS mission and got really into lettering and watercolor painting as a creative outlet in my free time. I had always wanted to pursue a career in graphic design, but that was the first time I truly put pen to paper. Along the way, I painted a map of my mission. Initially it was a simple personal project, but soon other missionaries were asking if I would paint a map for them too. Word spread and I got more and more requests. My own map was personally meaningful, and I loved providing that to other people as well. With such positive feedback in my own mission, I realized that missionaries everywhere would probably enjoy the maps too. Upon coming home, I posted my map to a missionary Facebook page, and soon had numerous requests. 

Creating this small business of mine, Shop Shannon Sweeney, has definitely had its growing pains. It took a lot of trial and effort, but I’m proud to have grown to the point where my shop helps to financially support my husband and I, even living in Los Angeles! Just as important, it’s enabled me to grow as an artist, and to be able to use my talents to bring joy and value into other people’s lives.



My name is Shannon, or Shan, or Sweens, whatever you find most fitting. I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, and I live with my wonderful husband, Kaden here in sunny Los Angeles. He is a screenwriter, and I am a freelance artist/graphic designer and work as Set Decorator in the film industry. Together, we love film, eating yummy food, and spending time together. I love traveling, art, and helping others. I have a passion for art (in almost every expression) and have been attending Utah Valley University, studying Visual Communications. 


This is my cute husbabe, Kaden. He recently graduated BYU with a degree in Media Arts, and works at a Lit Agency, Verve. You'll see him around here from time to time to give his two cents about movies, tv, you know, all the stuff you wanna hear..


While he may not be the main creator behind the designs, I would consider him a major driving force behind the shop. If you've received an order, there's a chance he's the one that shipped it off to you. He's been to Hobby Lobby more times than he would like to admit, and has learned new skills with packaging prints. He's the biggest moral support of all behind everything you see here!  

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We're so greatful for you being here, and helping us to live our dreams. 

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