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I'm Shannon, and I'm so happy to have you in this little corner of the internet.

Six years ago (wow has it really been six?!) I started my Etsy shop to bring my art to people looking for a gift for their LDS missionaries. Since then, my shop has grown in more ways than I could ever imagine. Over the years, I've added prints, stickers, keychains, and more to my shop- as well as opened a booth in Logan, UT where I sell in person! My art has been published in a book (here's a link to it: ), and I've had many opportunities for licensing my art! Most of all, I've had the joy of connecting with so many wonderful people, who have inspired and supported me to keep expanding my business.


When I'm not painting, my full time career is a buyer for Set Dec in the TV/Film industry. I'm a proud member of IATSE 44/871, and absolutely love what I do. You can see a little bit of my work         


I live in Los Angeles with my cute husband, Kaden, and we love it! He is an aspiring screenwriter, and the BIGGEST supporter of my shop! Between helping me film Tik Toks, and running my orders to the post office daily, he is the employee of the month everryyyyy month!

During the writers' strike of 2023, I started sharing some of my favorite home finds, in hopes to use my skills as a buyer to help others! The thrill of the hunt is my fav, and I love helping people with their homes! I love to help decorate homes, and create a place you love, that feels like home!


Thank you SO much for being here, and your support means the world to me! 

Love, Shannon

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