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DIY Macrame Wall Hanging

Okay. So I'll be the first to admit I've gone wayyyyyyy overboard on this macrame obsession. I mean, seriously you guys, it's SO cute. I'll be the first one to say however, I'm not the kind of gal to fork over 2 hunnid on something that I very well know I can make. BUT, I can say that after making this last one, I 100% understand why they're so expensive. Macrame hangings take time, plus they're NOT cheap to make! To make a wall hanging the size of the one I made would have cost me at least 40-50 dollars in supplies! I was wanting to make a full sized macrame, but was having a hard time forking over the money. Here's how I was able to make this macrame wall hanging on a budget, thanks to Chelsea Sadler's Youtube tutorial!


TIME: About 2-3 hours

COST: Wooden Dowel $1.97

8 Clothesline Ropes (each @ 1.97) $15.76

For a grand total of: $17.73

If you round that up, that's like 18.00 for a giant macrame!


-As you can see, my macrame was slightly different than the one in the video! I followed the instructions, but kinda did my own thing after figuring out the jist of it. I think it's fun to make it your own! This video was my favorite, because it gave you the creative liberty to do what you want, while still making it cute!

- PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to how tight you are tying the knots every time. I had to go back a re-do this about a zillion times because they weren't even. Even now it's definitely imperfect!

- The bottoms of the rope WILL fray. I actually like the imperfect look, but I would suggest making knots at the end of your ropes to make sure they don't fray too much, or else you might be at the end of your rope with it. ha. ha. (that was meant to be punny)

- I wish I would have made my rope longer. I actually cut each piece to be about 9 ft, and I wish it was longer!

Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm so happy to have you in this little corner of the internet. I love sharing blurbs about life, decor, and my art. Hope you enjoy!

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