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Let's Design a Harry Potter Themed Room with Amazon Decor Finds

a photo of a living room that is decorated in the style of Harry Potter. There is a green velvet sofa, flanked with two burgandy arm chairs.

The production design of the Harry Potter movies are some of my favorites in all of film. The sets all bring you into the world, and make you feel like you're part of the magic. No wonder so many of us want our homes to feel like the way the movies make us feel!

When designing a space that is inspired by something, I find it's best to focus more on the feeling rather than the literal items. Instead of sourcing copies of each piece, you can find items that give a similar vibe without being too literal.

Let's start with this richhhhhhh velvet green couch. It gives off that cozy Hogwarts vibe (maybe a little Slytherin-y??)-

Jennifer Taylor Home Tufted Chesterfield Sofa

Ok, next let's add a statement wallpaper. I love this pattern, and it feels like it would totally be in the Hufflepuff common room. Anyone else loving the Wizarding World game?? I'm a Hufflepuff, and loving the common room!

Pimpernel Peel and Stick Wallpaper-

I'm loving these chairs from Amazon! They're a perfect touch of Gryffindor for your space-

Modern Swivel Chairs-

Now that you have the broad strokes, make sure to add some Harry Potter inspired art pieces, and maybe a mirror inspired by the Mirror of Eirsed??

If you want to see more pieces inspired by Harry Potter, here's a link to my Amazon storefront-

This post includes an affiliate link. We make a small commission off of your purchase through the link, and it helps to keep the blog going! Thanks for your support <3


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