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The Proposal

I've had many of you ask about the proposal, so I thought I'd just make all ya'll a blog post about it!

Backstory: Kaden and I have actually been planning on getting married for about a month or two now. We reserved the temple, and our reception venue, and I even bought my wedding dress before (that's Utah weddings for you). I picked out the ring I wanted several weeks ago as well, so it was all a matter of time before he proposed!

We had planned on going up to Logan, to his family's house for the weekend, and watching a scary movie in the old cabin in their backyard. When he picked me up to go, I noticed he was wearing my favorite outfit of his, but I didn't want to get my hopes up if he wasn't proposing. Kaden is one of the least spontaneous people I know, so I wasn't expecting a big surprise or anything like that, so that also deadened my suspicions. I figured it would be something like, "Oh yeah lets go on a hike or a picnic or something" which would be out of the ordinary for him, and then I'd know for sure he was proposing. I also wasn't sure if he had gotten the ring that I wanted in the mail yet either, so that also contributed to questioning if it was the night. Upon arrival, his family was all gathered at his house with some extended family, but I didn't think that was out of the ordinary either! He slipped away for a little bit, and I just thought he was setting up the movie. When he came back he was like, "Shan, go save a spot out there, I'm gonna go change." That's when I was like, dang it, if he's going to change into gym shorts that probably means its not happening tonight. Haha. As I walked out to the cabin, I noticed it was all lit up and that's when I was like, either this is a fabulous new edition, or somethings going down. I walked into the cabin, and streamed around the room were pictures of the two of us, and lights draping from the ceiling. There was a tv, and a chair, with a note attached saying to watch the video. After a few minutes of struggling to figure out how to work the thing, I got it to play. It was one of the sweetest, most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.

You can see that video here, along with my reactions to the video:

The video is evidence of why you should marry a film major.

The video ended, and I walked outside, where there were candles lit, and Kaden standing outside. He knelt down and asked me to marry him, and the idiot I am, I just grabbed the ring myself and put it on my finger, not thinking about it. Haha. Typical Shan. Anyways, I was so surprised, and it honestly was one of the best proposals I've ever seen. My heart is so full with the fact that I get to be with the man of my dreams forever. He is one of the most kind, thoughtful, funny, genuine (the list could go on) people I know. So save the date folks! November 17th!

Hi! I'm Shannon, and I'm so happy to have you in this little corner of the internet. I love sharing blurbs about life, decor, and my art. Hope you enjoy!

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